Region 12 News

2012-2013 Season


Our Goals

  1. To facilitate overall coordination of separate and distinct field trial club functioning within the region's area of responsibility to improve awareness, scheduling and participation.

  1. To establish a regional field trial hall of fame for dogs and persons worthy of distinction in their contributions to the sport of field trialing and specifically how their efforts have impacted the region's field trial history and accomplishments.

  1. To provide support and assistance to member clubs for the conduct of field trials.

  1. To establish a points system for annual award recognition for accomplishments of dogs and persons within the region.

  1. To acquire and maintain an acceptable field trial venues for the purpose of conducting regional championship stakes as authorized by the American Field and the AFTCA.

  1. To sponsor and promote education and public awareness of field trial activities within the region.

  1. To establish additional field trial clubs within the area encompassed by Arizona and New Mexico.

  1. To increase regional participation and interaction with the AFTCA at the national level.

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2012-13 Points Champions

Handler of the Year

    Jim Schultz

All Age Dog of the Year

    Hytest Trixie - Paul Grogger, Owner

Shooting Dog of the Year

    No Limit Deuce - Owner/Handler

Derby Dog of the Year

    Almosta’s Wile E. Coyote - John Beauchamp O/H

Walking Shooting Dog of the Year

    JTH Izzie - Jeff Hintz Owner/Handler

Member Clubs

Arizona Bird Dog Club

Arizona Pointing Dog Club

Cochise Bird Dog Club

High Country Bird Dog Club

Hondo Valley Field Trial Club

NAGSPC, Region 12

Rain Valley Bird Dog Club


President - John Beauchamp

Vice Pres. - Brian Smith

Sec/Tres - Steve Johnson

Trustee - Ric Peterson

Board of Directors

Club Representatives

Karl Von Wolff - AZPDC

Nick Besenick - RVBDC

Eddie Junker - HVFTC

Jim Schultz - HCBDC

Todd Fielitz - ABDC

Dave Higgins - CBDC

Don Lee - NAGSPC

At Large Appointments

Dr. Jim Sellett, AZ

Harold Goodman, AZ

Congratulations to all of this season’s

handlers and dogs who placed. We are

already looking forward to next season.

Have a great summer!

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Upcoming Events

Annual Meeting             July 27                            Phoenix, AZ

               Dr. Jim Sellet’s Home

Region 12 Annual Meeting

July 27, 2013

To be held at the home of Dr. Jim Sellett

Agenda & Directions coming soon